Is Futsal Good For Soccer Development?

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Is Futsal Good For Soccer Development?

Futsal which we also name as 5-a-side soccer or indoor soccer is actually quite different from it. Would not discuss what futsal is as you all know better about it. Today we would talk over why is futsal important? Why does it exist? Do we have any exceptional benefit of playing futsal or it is nothing but just hype.

Let’s keep the things simple, in our opinion futsal is indeed a successful attempt in the development of soccer skills. In support of this opinion we have gathered multiple facts to share with you. In the light of these facts we would explain you how important futsal is to develop your soccer skills.

Futsal and Soccer De Brazil

We know that over a long time Brazilians are known for their extraordinary soccer skills. It might be better to call Brazil a talent hotspot of soccer. Experts and coaches had thought that Brazilians got this talent by playing soccer at the beach. But it was totally wrong. Simon Clifford, a soccer coach who was quite amazed by their talent deeply observed their activities. He told the world that Brazilians learnt the soccer skills by playing futsal. His words have been written in the book, The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle in which he acknowledged the significance of playing futsal.

Benefits of Playing Futsal

  • Helps the players in making quick decisions.
  • Increases the number of touches in unit time.
  • Constant touches helps in gaining confidence.
  • Players become more creative.
  • Enhances the ability of playing under pressure.
  • Teaches how to defend ball in tight spaces.
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  • Movements and reaction time gets improve
  • Keeps the soccer players fit during the off season.

Techniques to Learn While Player Futsal

Being an indoor game futsal can be played throughout the year. There is not any impact of varying weather condition over this game. By keep practicing through futsal during the off season players get the chance to learn new techniques and improve their skills.

The futsal court is small which demands sharp passes in minimum time. To play futsal the player should remain energetic as well as passionate or he will lose the ball control.

Players often go under the situation of tight spaces. It helps them to deeply analyze the free angles and make good combinations with their teammates to release the ball in save areas.

Improve the Decision Making Skills

Futsal is a fast moving game which requires sudden actions to perform. It allows you to make quick decisions and improve your decision making power. One right or wrong decision can reverse the entire game.

 Boost Your Confidence

During futsal the players constantly receive the ball and their number of touches also increased. The more they get the chance to kick or pass the ball the more they can develop their confidence in play. It helps to strengthen their grip over the ball and they learn precise handling of ball. Futsal is very helpful in creating their abilities to play under intense pressure.

Even we have the statements of greatest players in support of futsal. Players like Messi and Ronaldo admit that what they are today is because of futsal. It helped them a lot in developing their skills.


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