How Long Is A Futsal Game?

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How Long Is A Futsal Game?

Futsal is played with 2 halves of equal time duration of about 20 minutes. This is FIFA recommended time for futsal which is followed for official futsal matches all over the world. A stopping clock is used to calculate the time and whenever the ball goes out of play the clock is stopped and again started when the play resumes. The responsibility is given to the time-keeper who is other than the referee. If the time-keeper is not there his duties will be shifted towards referee.

Players should be aware of all the time divisions for specific actions and should remain attentive during the entire game. Moreover as the play of futsal is not played for so long that is why duration for time-outs, restarts and half-time interval all comprise of short time period.

The time division of those 40 minutes game is discussed here to tell you what time duration is allowed to perform a certain activity when you are inside the court.

Futsal Time Divisions

  • Time-outs

The teams in futsal are allowed to request a time-out of 60 seconds in each half. If the team does not request a time-out in first half even then it will be eligible to request only one time-out in the next half. The team must show a Time-out Card to request the time-keeper and he will permit them a time-out by using a whistle. If time-keeper is not there you may ask the referee to give you permission of time-out.

Certain conditions implement to request a time-out are described here:

  • The time-out will only be given if the requested team has the possession of ball.
  • No time-outs are allowed in extra time.
  • The coaches have authority to request for a time-out.
  • If the instructor wants to communicate with the players he is not allowed to enter the court in time-outs and not the players can leave the court. They can talk to each other at the touch-line of team bench.
  • Half-Time Interval

There is only 15 minutes break between the 2 halves of futsal. After the first half which continues for 20 minutes players are allowed to rest and prepare for the next half till 15 minutes. Then the next 20 minutes round will start to continue the play.

  • Time For Restarts

Whenever the game is interrupted and the ball goes out of play, the clock is stopped. The player with the possession is strictly advised to release the ball within 4 seconds and restart the play. These 4 seconds will be counted by the referee with his fingers up in the air.

If the possession is held by the goalkeeper he is allowed to play the ball using his hands or feet. Once the ball is released by the goalkeeper he may not touch it again without being played by an opponent.

If the player delays the restart he may get a penalty with yellow card and the possession will be given to the opponent team.

In case of kick-in, kick off, goal clearance, corner kick and penalty kick this 4 second rule is applied to resume the play.

  • Substitution Time

Substitutions in futsal are unlimited and occur without any time interval. It means no extra time is given for substitute to enter the field.


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