How Big Is A Futsal Court?

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How Big Is A Futsal Court?

Many of us out there think that the futsal court is somehow similar to a basketball court. The reason behind this thought is that a significant number of futsal players initially enter the basketball court for practice or playing purpose. Otherwise if we observe the dimensions of both courts we will see notable differences between them.

If we talk with respect to outdoor games such as soccer and football there are three main differences between the soccer field and futsal court. The area covered by soccer field is quite large while futsal is played in small courts to accommodate lesser number of players. The soccer field is designed on natural grass or artificial turf while surface of futsal court is made hard with some synthetic material. The perimeters of soccer field marked with walls and there is no wall in futsal to mark the boundaries but lines serve the purpose. We may say that these are the influential factors to arrange a futsal court with different dimensions.

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Dimensions of Futsal Court

Unlike the comparison of futsal court and soccer field, the key difference of size is reversed when we compare futsal court with the basketball court. The dimensions of futsal court and basketball court are quite different. The area of futsal court is much larger or you may say almost twice the area of football court. The rectangular futsal court takes up an area of about 800 square meters and for football court it is 420 square meters. Like the futsal court, the penalty area in futsal is also bigger.

Varying Sizes of Futsal Court

The size of futsal court also depends on what type of game is going to play on. For international and domestic games different sizes are suggested to meet the nature of game.

Here are the dimensions of futsal court for both domestic and international matches.

Dimensions for International Games

  • Length: 38-42 meters
  • Width: 18-22 meters
  • Run-off enclosed filed: 3×3 meters
  • Run-off open pitch: 3×3 meters

Dimensions for Domestic Matches

  • Length: 25-42 meters
  • Width: 15-25 meters
  • Run-off enclosed field: 2×2 meters
  • Run-off open pitch: 2×2 meters

Markings of the Futsal Court

Other than the dimensions of futsal court there are some circular lines and spots to mark an area for certain specifications. We are sharing a brief introduction of such features with you to provide the basic info.

  • The boundaries of court are marked with lines of 8 cm length in white or yellow color to enhance the visibility.
  • The entire court is divided into 2 equal halves. At the centre of court a circle is drawn with radius of 3 meters.
  • Two quarter circles each of 6 meter are drawn from the outside of goalpost to mark a penalty area on either side of court.
  • Two penalty spots are marked, first at 6 meters and second at 10 meters from the centre of goal line.
  • A quarter circle with 25 cm radius is drawn inside the pitch at all 4 corners. Also a mark on outside with 5 meters distance from the corner arc at right angle to the goal line is placed to observe the distance of player during corner kick.

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