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Futsal has now become one of the most popular and frequently played game along with soccer and cricket. This sport had become very much successful in gaining the attention of people within a short period of time since its introduction.

Its history of origin and worldwide acceptance will be very interesting for you if you have liking for indoor games please keep reading article below from thefutsalexpert.com

  • How the futsal was introduced?
  • Who was the first person to give the idea of futsal?
  • When it was recognized at international level?
  • Which players got fame by playing futsal? If you have questions in your mind like these, then give a read to this article.

It included all aspects of futsal from top to end and will surely be helpful to answer your concerns.


You may also call Futsal, Five-a-side soccer. This name indicates the composition of Futsal team, having 5 players instead of 11 in each team including the goalkeeper. This idea of playing soccer with comparatively small team was first introduced by a teacher Jaun Carlos Ceriani in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. He suggested to play this indoor version of football or soccer in 1930 when the youth competitions of soccer were occurring locally at YCMAs.


Jaun Carlos who came up with the idea of futsal had surely something in mind. Later the technical aspects of playing futsal were observed by the experts. He proposed to play futsal on hard basketball courts, with no side walls and using a heavier ball. It increases the frequency of touching the ball, allowing the players to make more successful attempts. It helps to polish the skills of football players. The heavy ball enhances the power of players and the high frequency of touches in small court makes the decision power quicker.


For the first time when Jaun Carlos introduced futsal, there were several institutions and schools opposing his idea of indoor soccer. They thought that playing soccer in gym could damage their property, so they were worried about it. But soon they evidenced that youth players were diverting more towards futsal before soccer. Since then the sport was started to adopt by many schools.

Though Jaun Carlos was the pioneer of Futsal, but it was Alexander Para who gave the sport its original name. Before that Futebol de Salao or Futbol Sala which means indoor or lounge soccer were used for Futsal. Other names include Indoor soccer, Minisoccer or Five-a-side soccer. It shows that people of different regions used the names as per their ease or native language.

In 1989, when FIFA took over FIFUSA and they got merged into a single organization at a meeting, Sir Alexander Para asked the members to coin a universal term for the game of Futsal. The meeting was ended with the selection of name FUTSAL. Since then this is the most widely used name.


FUTSAL achieved high popularity once the competitions of futsal were started at international level. A series of international tournaments increased the hipe of futsal throughout the world.

Uruguay was the region from where it started and soon its fame crossed the boundaries of South America. When the number of participants started to grow, it was considered to organize the tournaments at both regional and international level to support the efforts of players.

The very first international competition of FUTSAL was held in 1965 with the name of South American Cup. In this first ever international competition, Paraguay was the team to be blessed with the cup and title of first futsal competition winner.

After this a series of six international tournaments in South America Cup was held by 1979. In all those six matches Brazil ended up with winning the tournament and brought the trophy to their home.

Then a competition named Pan American Cup was organized first in 1980 and again in 1984. Brazil won the cup twice. From here the dominancy of Brazil in FUTSAL was started to acknowledge by the world. Brazil may rightly call the Hub of Futsal. Because the importance that Futsal got in Brazil is more than it had in any other part of the world.

Another milestone was achieved in the history of FUTSAL when an international tournament of FIFUSA World Championship was organized in Sao Paulo in 1982. It was the first world championship of futsal at the end of which Brazil was at the top. The Second World Championship was held in 1985 in Spain where the Brazilians again got victory. While in Third Championship tournament of 1988 in Australia they lost to Paraguay.

Then in 1989, FIFUSA organization and its members merged into FIFA, the official world’s football governing body. All these tournament matches or championship leagues made the FUTSAL more popular and it spread worldwide.


We have already told you above that Jaun Carlos proposed the concept of indoor soccer i.e. futsal to enhance the capabilities of a soccer player. There are many of those famous soccer players who got brilliant skills of outdoor soccer by playing futsal in first place. Zico, Pele, Bebeto and Socrates are few of those legend players who made their way to football by playing futsal initially. The futsal helped them to make their play more creative that they became great players of football.

Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Xavi whom you may call apple of everyone’s eye also got their talented skills of football because of starting their career with Futsal.


If we talk about the places or countries which are known for futsal, then everyone will come up with the name of Brazil. There is no doubt that the futsal team of Brazil is one of the most talented and expert of all. Even many of their star players known for football today were once excellent futsal players. The National Futsal Team of Brazil has record of winning 5 Futsal World Cup Competitions out of the last 8. Secondly, Spain has also made many successful attempts in the development of Futsal locally. If we go through the records, we will find the Spanish team of futsal standing on the second rank of the most successful team. Other than these two, France and Portugal are also famous for Futsal. Although both of them could never make their way to win the Futsal World Championship yet they brought many renowned players of Futsal as well as football.

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