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The position of goalkeeper is one of the critical things when forming a team and making the decision of selecting the right player as a goalie is the crucial of all. The goalkeeper must be aware of all the rules, strategies and positions. He must have the complete knowledge of all information which we are discussing at thefutsalexpert.com regarding his duties in the field and how to use the specific goalkeeper kit.

The goalkeeper needs to be well trained and equipped fully with all the tools and techniques to show the best play when he is on the court of futsal.

To provide you a better guide we will discuss the following domains in our article:

  • Goalkeeping rules for futsal
  • Tips for goalkeeper in futsal


Before starting the game, all of the players must acknowledge the rules of playing that game. There are always certain rules made by the official bodies to be followed by the players. All of the players are strictly bounded to follow them. And if someone does not follow the criteria and cross the boundaries, in that case he will be charged for that prohibited act and face penalty.

Same like this there are certain rules specified for the goalkeepers in futsal. They should know about these rules in-depth so they could practice accordingly and deliver their best performance.


When the ball comes in the hands of the goalkeeper while being defensive, there is a time out of 4 seconds for the possession of ball. The goalkeeper must throw or kick the ball back into the field before completion of 4 seconds. Although it is a very short time period, the goalkeeper needs to be very quick in making decision and release the ball as fast as he could. If he does not release the ball from his hands before 4 seconds, then it will ultimately award a free kick to the opponent players. Once the ball is thrown by the goalkeeper, he is not allowed to touch the ball for second time before it is played by player of opponent team.


Sometimes the players play foul tricks and throw the ball towards their goalkeeper. According to the direct throw-in rule, the goalkeeper is not allowed to entertain such kinds of kick even accidently. And if the goalkeeper does so or the ball touches any part of his body either intentionally or not, the opponent team will be rewarded with a direct free kick.


It is obvious that the goalkeeper needs to dive in or jump high when playing in a defensive mode. We know that unlike soccer, futsal is played on hard courts instead of grass. If the goalkeeper had not covered himself properly, he would ultimately got injured which is not good for him as well as for his team. So, the referee asks the goalkeeper to use proper gloves, knee pads and long sleeve shirts to avoid any accident.


The goalkeeper has to perform a different task in the field rather those 4 players and his position is also different. To make him prominent among his teammates, he is asked to wear a t-shirt of another colour that is of his teammates. Even the colour of shirts of goalkeeper on either side of the pitch should be different from eachother.


There are various fouls or insensible behavior for which the goalkeeper may face penalties in terms of awarding free kicks to opponents. The yellow card is also shown sometimes to caution the goalkeeper if he moves too early in direct free kicks or penalty kicks and the goal is not scored. This yellow card caution is also given when he makes foul attempts to stop the attacker of opposition from scoring a goal.


When there is such a situation that the team is closed to lose a match and wants to strengthen their attack, they may go with the rule of substitution of normal or regular goalkeeper with a fly keeper. The term of fly keeper is used for the second or temporary goalkeeper because the substitution process occurs on fly. The referee does not stop the game for such type of substitution, The outfield player and the goalkeeper can switch their positions without asking for a permission while the game is going on.


After gaining proper knowledge about the rules and regulations, there are certain tips and strategies that help a lot when learned along with a proper training. Below is given a quick overview on these tips to increase your information and tell you how they will help you in the field.

  • The FUTSAL is a fast paced game and demands quick decision making. As a goalkeeper your decision making skills should be excellent when you are in the situation of possession of a ball. Try to keep up with the time and make quick decision but don’t be panic.
  • Proper drills should be a part of your training session. Until and unless you don’t practice, you will not get better. Make it a routine to practice at least a single activity thrice in a day.
  • For goalkeepers it is necessary to be hell good in focus. Your position is assigned in such a way that the complete pitch is in your sight. You should be attentive at every moment because the pitch is small and it is easy for the attackers to score goal if you will not give them a tough time.
  • You should place yourself in between the goalposts and goal line in a proper position. Take the advantage of D-shaped area and try to block as much as possible making it difficult for a striker to goal.
  • In FUTSAL you do not have enough time in majority of the strikes to catch the ball, or dive in front to save the ball from scoring a goal. Instead you should try to make maximum use of your feet by stretching it outwards, kicking the ball and block its way to the goalposts.

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