Futsal Warm Up Exercises

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Futsal Warm Up Exercises

If you want to deliver the best performance in futsal court, do not forget to go through some warm up exercises. we are providing a complete list of the warm ups prior to play are always helpful for both your health and game as well. If you go to play without warming up your body then you will certainly face difficulties and failures during the game.

Here we have found out some worth-doing futsal warm up exercises which will help you to achieve your warm up goals in a productive manner. Before we start, let me explain what benefits will warm up provides you so you can better understand the need of warm ups.

Benefits of warm up include:

  • Prepares your body for intense movements
  • Increases the blood flow
  • Elevates your body temperature
  • Helps in preventing injuries to greater extent
  • Improves the heart rate

So be aware that investment in warm up can keep you save from many drawbacks of not doing it.

Let’s start with the best and easiest futsal warm up exercises to get you ready for the upcoming tournament.

Arm Rotations

  • Keep your arms horizontally making a 90 degree angle to your body.
  • Rotate both arms in forward direction then backward.
  • Now rotate your one arm forward and the other backwards.
  • Switch the sides and repeat the third step.


Neck Rotations

  • Stand straight and keep your head facing front.
  • Move your head first right, get back to middle, tilt left and return again.
  • Lean your head on right shoulder once then on your left shoulder.
  • Lift your head up, return to relax state then drop it down and return back.


Leg Kicks

  • Stand against a pole at one hand distance and place your palms on it. Your arms should be fully stretched.
  • Keep your legs apart from each other.
  • Twitch your right leg in reverse direction and follow through so it comes forward.
  • Return to original posture and repeat the same with other leg.

It helps in improving your balance.


Jumping Jacks

Nothing could be better than jumping to stretch your limbs and having an entire body warm up.

  • Keep your feet together and place the hands by your side.
  • You will jump by stretching both legs out and bringing your arms up. When you land your body should look like an x.
  • Then jump back and regain the initial position.

Skipping Rope is also good from cardiac aspect.


  • Start with standing straight keeping your feet shoulder width apart.
  • Move your right foot forward and bend your knee until your left knee comes to the level of ground behind the right foot.
  • Now step forward with your left foot and do the same steps.
  • You should be in a proper straight posture all time.


High Knees

  • Hold your hands in front at hip height.
  • Start to jog by bringing the knees upward to come in contact with your palms.
  • Take small steps to reach the fixed height.


Above are all very basic warm up exercises which everybody should perform for a safe side. Other than these you may also go with back pedaling, side shuffle, walking knee hugs, pogo jump, push-ups etc. Both static and dynamic warm ups are necessary but in futsal we prefer dynamic warm ups more.

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