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Training programs are the most important and integral part of any game. The players particularly of junior level are always in the process of learning. There is guideline from thefutsalexpert.com to follow and train them about the ups and downs of the game. They need someone to guide them properly, someone who is able to make the correction of their errors and mistakes and teach them how to transform into their better version.

Like any other sports, futsal also requires some training exercises and sessions to develop the skills of a player. Here we will discuss:

  • Importance of training
  • Methods of training
  • Role of the instructor


Practice makes a man perfect. When a player goes through all the training programs and learning sessions, he/she gets to know about all the technical aspects of game. He practices them for several times and develops their skills. The training sessions teach the players about multiple tools and techniques and their application in the field. Training program is a way to improve the skills of players otherwise he will not be able to deliver his best.


There is diversity in the techniques and methods used for the training programs of players. But not all of them are appropriate to take on. You must have the knowledge of the basics of training exercises so you may choose the better one without hesitation. Below are the most useful and readily applicable methods of futsal training discussed to help you in getting the right information.

Continuous Training

The continuous type of futsal training is applied to maintain the resistance and agility of the players. We all know that futsal is a game of high intensity. To keep up with the pace of game, a player must have the stamina to withstand under conditions of high pressure and fast running. A well trained player has the ability to survive under such circumstances.

This training involves a sequence of multiple activities or exercises doing one after another. 3 to 4 different tasks are given to the players to perform within a short duration of time but they must finish all of them without stopping in between. Such as you may ask the player to start with a jogging of 20 minutes, then switch to another exercise for the next 20 minutes without resting for a while and end up with a different task for the last 10-20 minutes.

When the player will complete the task of continuous training in about an hour, it improves the heart rate of the player as you know that the cardiovascular system of an athlete or sportsman needs to work efficiently while running in the field. Continuous training improves the aerobic energy of players. But you must be careful when selecting the tasks of training. No heavy workout is advisable for the players in this training method.

Interval Training

As the name indicates, there is involvement of short breaks in this training program. It is conducted for the betterment of energy levels of players needed at the time of quick burst of speed. This training session includes running over short distances as fast as possible but within a very short time period. You may resemble the exercise of sprint to this running method. Like running upto 100 metres with intensity of 85% and then upto 200 metres with 50% intensity is the part of interval training. It might seem difficult to come up with such speed at initial level but you will get better with time. For better results you should repeat the process at least 5 times.

Aerobic Training

Continuous running is an essential part of the game while chasing a ball. In this process the energy of player constantly goes down and he starts to breathe heavily. To improve the breathing rate, we come up with the solution of aerobic exercises. Exercises and workouts like using treadmills, going up and down the stairs, swimming or skipping rope are some of the popular activities used for aerobic training.

Circuit Training

It is a combination of various types of exercises in a single set. The method of this training is to make some sets of different exercises and arrange them all in one place to be picked up by the players one by one. Each set has a different type of activity to engage the players fully, helps to make the focus of players more strong and enhance their strength. Certain time period is given to complete the first circuit and then move to the next one. Maximum time limit of 1 minute is usually applied for the task of single circuit and sometimes short breaks are also incorporated after 2 or 3 circuits.

Aside from these training methods, variety of futsal drills is readily available which are intended to provide the trainees with more practice sessions. We will discuss them in our upcoming articles.


The coach or the instructor is always the most important person in training program. Not every senior player with even an inspiring track record has the capability to own this position. The coach must know about how to deliver his knowledge and experience to his players. He needs to keep his eyes on every single player of his team. He must be aware of their strengths as well as weak points. He should know how to deal with their mistakes. He must be patient and strict at the same time. His responsibility is not only to have a check on the physical involvement of his players in the game but he also has to develop a good relation with them. So that there will be no external or internal factor of stress to affect their productivity. He should always motivate his players and appreciate them for their efforts.

Make a list of your priorities and the points you need to work on more, certainly you will observe positive changes. Hopefully after reading this article you are now able to decide which methods of training should be adopted for getting the better results.

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