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Have you ever heard a team won the match even with weak players or less predictions of victory? Of course, you heard it several times and have a sight of few of those exciting matches. Not only in cricket but in football, soccer and futsal also, it happens a lot of times. Do you know the reason behind such up-sets? It is because the strategy that weak team apply in the match is stronger as compare to their opponents. Although the opponent players seem very well in physical appearance because of their extensive practice and fitness level but the players of that weak defensive team are sometimes better in mental state. They compensate those lacking with smart tips and tactics and when they play with a good combination of both mind and body, they are capable of making interesting up-sets.

We will tell you how to utilize different tactics and strategies to make your futsal game more powerful and worth watching.


Your winger players are like an asset for your team. If they do not exist, your defender and attacker are not able to play their role effectively. Keeping it precise, you can do nothing without wingers. They serve as a bridge between goalkeeper, defender and the striker. Ask your wingers to stand on the sides (in the width) of the pitch. In this way they will be able to cover both halves equally and ease the passing opportunities.


The major activity in futsal is to move continuously on the entire pitch, change your position and move to other places where your team needs you to play a role. It allows you to assist any player of your team who is either being isolated by the opponents or require to loss possession to his team mate. It also offers to increase the ratio of passes.


It is a crucial futsal tactic which if you do not utilize, the results could be worse. It is essential to not leave any free space in futsal. This tactic has a significant role particularly when we talk about the defense mechanism. The goalkeeper and the defender are the players who should be more focused for defense. Other players should also be careful in this aspect. If you do not pay attention on this strategy, your opponent will definitely try to get advantage of this drawside.


The status of goalkeeper has a unique importance in game of futsal. The foremost role of goalkeeper is to make a strong defense. For this purpose your keeper should be very active. He should also have the awareness of how to make use of time in restarts, when to pause for a little to give time to his team mates for re-formation and when to release the ball quickly without letting his opponents prepared for it. May be you heard the term fly goalkeeper. It is the strategy often applies in the last moments of the game, where your goalkeeper will come in the field and help your team in scoring as fast as possible. Here the burden of defense falls on the only defender of your team.


It is a big advantage in futsal that unlimited substitutions are allowed in the game. Futsal is a fast-paced game, demand the players to be agile and vigorously active all time. But when your captain observes any player not participating energetically or if any one of you feeling yourself not well enough to continue in the game, then you should quickly leave the pitch and allow the substitute player to walk into the field. In this way by keeping fresh legs during play, the results would be more productive.


The best strategy is one when your opponents don’t know about your next move and even not able to guess what is going to happen from your side. You can easily create confusion among the opponents by making regular passes to each other at a time when you should make an attack. It will let your opponents to take a short break to catch your strategy but before this would happen your active player will make a potential goal. Isn’t it a perfect strategy to adopt?


Futsal demands a team work. If you are not good at it, you can not tackle with your opponent’s strategies. When any of your team mates is surrounded by the opposition, communicate with other players and try to move close to him. It usually happens when a certain team mate is having the possession of ball. Making unnecessary or false movements by keeping an appropriate distance you can distract your opponents and assist your team member either to get himself free from opposition or transferring possession to another team member.


When you get the players having ability to change the game at any instant, then you are unpredictable. Your players should be excellent in creativity and broad thinking. They should know how to handle the constantly increasing pressure and make counter attacks to reverse the game. Un-predictability is a major element, you should include in the list of your futsal tactics. If your opponents are not agile, it will take time for them how to respond to your move or attempt which could favor you in some way.


Last but not the least is the strategy for your attacker or striker. If the goalkeeper serves as a brain, the striker is the heart of your team. He has a major contribution in the scores. If you follow all tips and techniques but your striker is not fast, all of your efforts will go in vain. Also the rest of the team members should provide him back support. The wingers, when needed may assist the striker in possession or pass the ball frequently towards him to increase the chances of scoring.

These futsal tactics and strategies provide you a better way to improve your game. All the skills which you have practiced through different drills and exercises will come in handy if you also combine these strategies with them.

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