A Quick guide to futsal rules

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Futsal Rules

Thefutsalexpert.com provides a guide about rules of futsal for those who are new to this game.

Here is the quick view of futsal rules.

  1. Total match duration
  2. Time outs
  3. Substitutions
  4. Referees
  5. The Goalkeeper
  6. Accumulated fouls
  7. Replacement of sent-off players
  8. Cards
  9. Suspensions
  10. Futsal rules for sliding tackle.

Total match duration

A futsal match consists of two halves 20 minutes each, with 5 minutes extra for each half when match ends in no result. After this, if scores remains level then match ends with penalty shootout.

Time outs

Both teams have 60 seconds of time-out; each of the team can call this time-out in second half of the match. Call-out time is not available in extra time. During this time-out period teams can do brief discussion about match.


The match played between two teams consist of five players (a goalkeeper and four outfield players) and nine substitutes. Each team can take unlimited numbers of substitutions during match; each substitute will enter in playing area from the zone marked in front of each bench.


Total three officials performs as referee. One on each side of goal and third referee with timekeeper to control fouls and time-outs.

The Goalkeeper

There is very short time available for goalkeeper to play the ball in the match, with either hands or feet. Goalkeeper cannot touch the ball if team member hits the ball towards goal. Initially goalkeeper was not allowed to throw the ball beyond half line, but now goalkeeper has full permission to through the ball wherever wants.

Accumulated fouls and the second penalty mark

Penalties and free kicks are just like normal football match. In a single half, if any team committed 5 fouls then for every next foul second (opponents) team will be rewarded with free shot at goal from the second penalty mark, ten meters out(known as double penalty). After first half, foul counts of each team has reset to zero but second half fouls still count.

Replacement of sent-off players

A player who committed a foul will be sent-off and be substitute with another player, which is available as substitute. However, new player a (substitute) will enter the pitch after two minutes. In case if the opponent team scores a goal before two minutes then substitute can enter the right after the goal scored.


Just like football match, if a player receives two yellow cards or direct red card will be eliminate sharply from match and cannot take further part in the game. After elimination team will play with remaining four players for following two minutes.


A player who is suspended also eliminated from next match also. Every players who receives yellow card which not cause any suspension those (yellow cards) will expire after quarterfinals.

Futsal rules for sliding tackles

Due the reason of hard surface, Sliding tackles are not permitted in futsal matches. Sliding tackles are only allowed when the player(tackler) comes in contact directly to ball not any player while saving ball from going outside of the pitch or same reason.

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To play a fair game of futsal all the above-mentioned rules necessary to follow.



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