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Futsal Ball For Juniors

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Futsal Ball For Juniors

Many people out there come to the coaches and experts to know with what size of ball they should start futsal training of their children (junior players). Even sometimes people do not want to ask their children at early ages for futsal practice because they fear that the ‘heavy ball’ may cause harm to their child. Well there is no doubt that for beginner there are certain specifications must be applied while introducing him to futsal.

If we talk in terms of FIFA Futsal ball recommended size for Juniors then there is not any reference of such thing. But also for beginners it is considered useless to start with the Adult Futsal ball. Futsal balls for adults are heavier and not helpful enough in developing the skills of junior players. The main reason behind starting the career from futsal is to improve the footwork and playing techniques. These goals can not be achieved if we start the juniors to play with adult’s ball. One must concern the age of players so he could better decide from where he should start.

On local basis some countries have made criteria for the junior players regarding futsal ball sizes. Depending upon from where you belong, the sizes may vary a little bit. However you may use our reference chart to compare the sizes and confirm the authenticity.

We have collected the info of Recommended Futsal Ball Sizes for Juniors from Spain and Brazil. Both these countries are very famous for introducing great futsal as well as soccer players to the world and also there live a huge number of futsal fans.

The data from adults to kids under 6 years of age has been gathered and put here to help you for children with different age groups.

Recommended Futsal Ball Size For Senior Players

In both countries Spain and Brazil the recommended size for adults is Size 4. It is also the official size approved by FIFA for futsal tournaments of Senior Players.

Players with age of 16 years of above belong to the group of Senior players.

Recommended Futsal Ball Sizes For Junior Players

  • For the players belong to age group of 13 to 15 both these countries recommend Size 4 ball.
  • In Spain for children under 13 again the size 4 ball is considered correct while in Brazil they prefer size 3 ball.
  • For children under 12 the preferred size of both Spain and Brazil is size 3.
  • The children with 8 to 10 years of age are provided with the size 3 ball to practice in Spain despite in Brazil they use size 2 ball.
  • Both Spain and Brazil are agreed on size 2 ball for children below 8 years old.
  • In Spain they use Size 2 balls for kids with age less than 7 years while in Brazil they choose size 1 ball for the same age group children.

The statistics show that Spain use ball of sizes 2, 3 and 4 for junior players while in Brazil size 1 ball is also used. You may use these references to help you in picking the most suitable size for beginners.

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