Futsal Ball Compared to Soccer Ball

Futsal and soccer are two entirely different games. In past if we talk about the time when futsal was started to play people thought that soccer is an outdoor game and futsal is played indoor simple, nothing much different. With this mindset majority had played futsal with the same soccer ball. By the time when the differences between futsal and soccer were observed it showed that the conditions are not similar in both games and that is why a ball with different features is needed for futsal rather than the same soccer ball.

Now if we look the balls recommended by FIFA for futsal and soccer are also of different sizes. There are very authentic reasons to play these two games with two different balls. How the futsal and soccer balls are different and why these sports must not be played with the similar ball? Here we will discuss the facts related to the differences between these two balls so you must know of which size or characteristics ball you have to pick up for your futsal tournaments.

Differences between Futsal and Soccer Balls

The criteria on which we can differentiate futsal ball from soccer ball are following.

  • Size
  • Density
  • Bounce


  1. Size

The size recommended by FIFA for official futsal play is Size 4 while for soccer we used Size 5 ball. The Size 4 balls weigh from 410 to 430 grams and their circumference lie between 63.5 to 66 centimeters. On contrary the balls of Size 5 are heavier as they possess the weight of about 410 to 450 grams and their circumference range is 68 to 70 centimeters. The specifications of these two sizes play a vital role in assigning the balls their special characteristics. Also read this article on futsal ball sizes


  1. Density

Many people think that futsal ball is much heavier as compared to soccer ball however it is not the case. We may say that the bladder filling of futsal ball is applied in such a manner which makes the futsal ball comparatively denser. It is done to allow the ball to stick to the player’s feet and increase his strength and ball controlling ability. Usually foam, cotton or some other hard material is used to stuff the futsal ball just to enhance the toughness of ball.


  1. Bounce

The ball uses in futsal always show low bounce and most of the time remain close to the pitch. However the soccer ball has maximum bouncing ability and it can move higher in the air depending on the strength applied by the player. The soccer ball has a rebound (bounce) of 125 to 155 cm while for futsal ball it is only 50 to 65 cm. This huge difference between the rebounds of both balls is because of their specific features with which they are made.


The futsal and soccer balls are designed with different characteristics because of the conditions in which these games are played. Soccer being an outdoor game can be played on natural grass or artificial turf so a ball with more bounce and lighter density is good for the large fields. On other hand futsal is played in comparatively small and hard courts that’s why the ball should be of low rebound to suit the available conditions.

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