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Without having a proper training and practicing drills you can’t get better in your skills. Whether it is a game or any other kind of activity, you need to practice it in your routine if you want to continue it and improve your efficiency. The game of FUTSAL also requires practice on regular basis otherwise you will not be able to further participate in Futsal tournaments.

At The futsal expert you will learn that, FUTSAL is a game of focus, speed, strength and agility. To make yourself better in each aspect, you must take the futsal drills seriously. These drills will help you out to get better at shooting, passing, scoring, dribbling, running, focusing and any other defensive as well as offensive strategies.

We will describe you futsal drills from the following aspects:

  • Possession of ball
  • Passing with accuracy
  • Dribbling to save possession
  • Shooting to the goalposts
  • Proper foot functioning
  • Drills with cones



To practice this drill you will need at least 2 partners. You and one of your friends will be the defenders and the third person will be your opponent.

Start the drill from your defensive area and aim to proceed to the opponent’s defensive area but do not score a goal. Maintain a distance of at least 5 yards from each other. First you will pass the ball to your partner and he will pass it back to you. In the meantime the third man will play his role as opponent player and try to take the possession of ball. Practice this drill for minimum 15 minutes, then switch your positions and continue further. You may also increase the number of opponent players with getting better in this possession and passing drill.


Passing the ball exactly into the foot of your teammate is another way to keep the possession of ball to your team. This drill requires only 2 players. There are two ways to practice this drill. Because practicing this drill offers you to learn skills for both short as well as long passes.

For short passes both of you should stand at a distance of few yards while for long passes maintain comparatively a larger distance than for short passes.

Start with passing the ball to your partner, then he will pass it back to you. You may either pass the ball continuously without stopping or holding it for a while or if you want you may stop and then continue passing.


It is a fact that the longer you keep the possession of ball by passing it to your teammate, the greater will be your chances to score a goal and win the match. For accurate passing you must be good in skills of focus and estimation. To make an accurate pass you must keep your focus on the positions of your teammate and the estimation of distance between them.

To improve your skills of focus and estimation you may practice with a wall and cones. Instead of a partner place a wall in front of you and put 2 cones on either side of the wall. Your drill is to pass or kick the ball towards the wall within the area specified by the cones. Each time reduce the distance between the cones and improve your focusing skills.


Dribbling is necessary to keep possession to yourself when you are confined or delimited by the opponents. Learning this skill will help you in preventing the ball from going into your opponent’s possession. If you are not good at dribbling you will ultimately end up with losing the possession of ball to your opponent.

The practice of this drill needs some cones so you may also call it a cone drill. The process is that arrange 5 cones minimum in a row separating with a distance of at least 5 yards. Start your drill by passing the ball in between the gaps without touching or hitting any of the cones.


How to manage the possession of ball when you are surrounded by your opponents is one of the major skills to practice. Once you practiced the dribbling drill you may proceed to more complex one i.e. the cone weave drill. To learn this skill you will need 8-10 cones to form a straight or circular weave. What you have to do is trying to pass the ball in and out of the gaps between the cones aiming not to touch these cones. This drill will provide you enough skills to hold the ball while passing through the ‘tight spaces’ among your opponents.


This drill learning is effective when you are at the point of scoring a goal. To score more and more goals your shooting strength must be productive. The strength to shoot the ball into the goalposts depends upon the distance between you and the goal line.

The method of this drill is to arrange few cones in a straight line with the purpose of hitting them while shooting the ball. As it is more difficult to knock down the cones than shooting between the cones so try to practice this skill as much as you can to improve your shooting proficiency.


Being a futsal player you had the idea of importance of proper foot functioning. Passing, shooting or dribbling whatever you are doing demands the proper use of your foot. Whatever drill you are learning, practice it with both of your foot so the competency of both foots will be the same. Also try to kick or shoot the ball from both outside and inside of the foot while doing passing or shooting drills.


This drill improves your possession power when 1 or 2 opponent players tried to take the control of ball by restricting you in a small space within their defensive area.

Make a small square with the help of 4 cones. Start the drill with putting the ball in your feet and one of your teammate inside the square trying to get the possession from you. Repeat the activity with switching your positions so you may learn the defensive as well as offensive skills.


If you want to become an all rounder in the futsal then make it a habit to practice these drills. Other than these drills for better skills there are some fun exercises which if you incorporate, you will be enjoying while practicing them.

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