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Futsal was first started to play in Uruguay in1937 but it became popular worldwide when it was adopted by Australia, England and many other English speaking countries. Previously Brazil was known as the only Futsal loving country but if we see the current statistics futsal has now become quite popular in Spain, Portugal, South America and other European countries. Also several Asian countries are actively taking part in Futsal tournaments.

Although soccer has been playing several years ago than futsal yet after introducing futsal it was very well liked by the soccer players too. The reason behind so much fame of this indoor game is that it assists the soccer players to improve their abilities in the ground. We all know that the rules and criteria for playing futsal are a bit different from its other alternative outdoor games.

Let’s move towards the main thing for which we have composed this article. When we discuss about the major differences of futsal and soccer, futsal ball is the first thing which keeps the two games apart from each other. There are many questions which strike to people’s mind about the exact size of futsal ball. The ball is the essential thing you need to have for the game. The ball which is used to play futsal is not similar in many aspects to that one which is used for football or soccer. The players must have to choose the right ball for their play. The selection of right ball is highly important because this ball helps you in learning and practicing various skills before you go for an official tournament. If you are a futsal player it becomes crucial for you to choose the ball wisely otherwise it may affect your skills.

In training sessions you practice for different drills such as dribbling, passing, possession and others. A futsal player can never become a master of these drills if he keeps practicing with the wrong ball. The size and weight of ball matters a lot. A player should sincerely consider the facts before going for the sessions. There are certain factors which should keep in mind to make a selection of correct size and weight.

What are the differences between futsal and soccer balls and why is it necessary to avoid the same ball for both games? We will brief you about the key points so that you may have a better understanding of the importance of futsal ball.

How the Futsal and Soccer Balls Are Non Identical?

The features of futsal ball are different from the regular soccer ball to make it suitable for the futsal court. The game of futsal is played on hard surfaces while soccer is played on comparatively soft courts or grass. Also the futsal is an indoor game that is why it is played in smaller fields. When the area of ground gets reduced it requires a small size ball which is easy to handle by the players during play. So the notable difference is in the size of two balls.

The soccer ball has a large circumference that’s why it occupies greater volume and the rebound of soccer ball is also high to offer maximum bounce in the court. On other hand the futsal balls are smaller in size and also show low bounce. The futsal balls are designed specifically for low bouncing on hard courts. The ball used for soccer belongs to size 5 balls while size 4 ball is recommended for futsal play. The size 5 balls are known as the ‘senior balls’. What are these sizes we will discuss them later.

One thing in which people often get confused is the weight of futsal ball. Majority of people have a thought that futsal ball is heavier than soccer ball. Is it really so or not? We will present some facts about the sizes so you will be able to get an authentic reply.

Size and Weight of  Best Futsal Balls

Generally we classified futsal ball into 5 main categories according to their sizes and weight. The weight and circumference of ball increase as we move from number 1 to number 5.

Here is a summary of their size and weight.

  • Size 1 and Size 2

These two are the smallest of all and used for promotional purposes. The range of their weight is 320-340 grams.

  • Size 3

The circumference of size 3 balls is around 62-63.5 cm and their weight is 10 to 50 grams more than the previous balls i.e. 330-390 grams.

  • Size 4

The balls weighing 410-430 grams are called as size 4 balls. They usually have a circumference of 63.5-66 cm.

  • Size 5

With the weight of 410-450 grams and a circumference of about 68-70 cm they are entitled as the heaviest and largest balls among all five. These balls have a rebound of 125-155 cm.

FIFA Approved Futsal Ball Size

Above are all the sizes of ball which could be used for futsal but there is only one of them which is allowed to be used for official tournaments of futsal. Yes, in official matches the players are bound to play with the size recommended by FIFA.

The size which is approved by FIFA for futsal play is the size 4 ball. This ball should have a circumference of 63.5-66 cm (25-26 inches) and its weight should lie between 410-430 grams. A ball with such weight and circumference has a bounce of 50-65 cm.

The size 4 ball is 20 to 40 grams lighter in weight as compare to size 5 balls.

While playing unofficially there is no restriction of size and you are free to choose other sizes of best futsal ball. Usually size 3 balls are advised by the experts to play if you are a freshie as it is the most appropriate one for startup training.

Importance and Specifications of Futsal Ball

The first confusion that needs to be answered is about the weight of futsal ball. As we have told you that it is the size 4 ball used in futsal while size 5 ball is for soccer game. If you compare the weight of these two balls you will observe a notable difference. Futsal ball is almost 10 to 20 grams lighter than average soccer ball and the size is also smaller. So how could be the futsal ball heavier than soccer ball?

The material normally used to stuff futsal ball is either cotton, foam or something else but it does not have a significant impact on the weight of ball. You may say that the futsal ball is denser than soccer ball and it is designed to ‘seem heavier’ but not actually heavier. In futsal the size 4 ball is called the Senior Ball as there is no greater size than number 4.

The three specifications of futsal ball which play a major role in making it highly useful for improvisation of players’ skills are:

  • Smaller Size
  • Greater Density
  • Low Bounce

All these special features of futsal ball aid in increasing the skills of players.

As the ball is smaller in size which offers the player to keep it close to his feet and dribble it without letting it go towards the attacking player. It assists the player to pass it repeatedly even in tight spaces. The low bouncing ability of ball helps the player in enhancing defensive skills. It easily sticks to player’s foot and short passes can be made frequently.

All these modifications in futsal ball are done for special purposes. Yes, these features of futsal ball have been proved significant in developing the players’ skills. In the beginning of futsal nobody did understand why a soccer player should start his career with futsal. But as the time passes it was discovered that futsal ball is more helpful in learning drills because of its special characteristics.

Select From These Top 7 balls

Now as we have got answer of all your queries let us drive into the details of brands for getting the quality futsal ball. There are several brands in the market selling futsal balls with the claim of 100% quality but not all of them are reliable. We have short listed the best brands for you to buy your futsal ball without any fear of fraud or low-quality material.

Here is the quick view:

  • Super White Senior futsal ball
  • Multicolor Franklin Futsal Ball
  • Senda Vitoria Match Futsal Ball
  • Molten Design Futsal Soccer Ball
  • Mikasa Unisex Futsal Ball
  • Medusa Stheno Futsal Ball
  • Mamba Futsal Ball

Get Your Futsal Super White Senior Now

This super senior futsal ball is made by Select Sport America and it is officially approved from FIFA for futsal tournaments. In USA Futsal it is considered as the best match ball for senior players because of its super amazing playing characteristics. The PU material of its synthetic leather cover is of 1.9 mm thickness and has a unique shiny appearance. The PU material is of excellent quality and offers maximum speed conditions to the ball. For the durability of ball it has a 32-panel hand sewn features which strengthens it to bear the roughness of hard courts. A butyl bladder is used in its manufacturing for maximum air retention capability and it has a warranty of at least 2 years. This Senior Futsal ball has a circumference of 62 – 64 cm which is same as the recommended futsal ball. This ball weighing between 400 – 440 grams is good to improve the control power of futsal players and helps in low bounces. Keep in mind that this super senior comes in deflated form so you must have an inflating pump with you. You may buy your Super Senior Futsal Ball in 3 different colors that are white, green or blue.


Multicolor Franklin Futsal Ball is Best for Futsal Lovers

This Franklin Futsal ball manufactured by Franklin Sports is the only one best for official futsal game. Its size, weight and bounce allare perfectly matched to the official standards of ball and the quality is also unbeatable. It comes in weight of 432 grams and the circumference of 63.5 cm (25 inches). The bladder of Franklin futsal is designed to offer low bounces which will force you to make quick decision of passes and can be easily played for long time which means complete control over ball is easy to achieve. The cover is precisely stitched with soft abrasion which gives you maximum touches. This abrasion made cover is not only resistant but also durable against any wear and tear phenomenon. The best of all its characteristics is that it meets the standard of Official Junior Futsal ball size 3 yet it is the most suitable one for indoor soccer as well as outdoor football. Its dynamic colorful appearance makes it more appealing and offers high visibility for players on any surface. An inflated Franklin futsal ball is easily available but if it gets deflate you may use hand pump for re-inflation.

Senda Vitoria Match Futsal Ball for Young Players

U.S Youth Futsal organization partnered with Senda for their tournaments because this ball is giving pretty good results in developing youth skills for futsal. This ball is smaller in size which makes it ideal to practice control and kicking skills more deeply. A significant impact of its size can be observed by a player himself when he moves from small fields into large fields. The appreciable low bounce characteristic does not allow it to move quickly and offers you to get maximum touches. Senda Futsal ball is a perfect choice for players of ages 13 and above to enhance their technical skills. The combination of red and grey color makes it lovable for teen players. One of its features is unique as compared to other balls which we name as DuoTech construction. In Senda balls two different techniques stitching and bonding are combined to increase its strength and longevity. It is more compatible than handcrafted balls and shows excellent performance in playfield. Its high quality PU material makes the ball equivalent in standard to top-notch match balls. To develop its air retention proficiency it has a reinforced bladder. All Senda balls are manufactured in Fair Trade Certified factory with 1 year of warranty.


Keep Practicing Futsal with Molten Design Futsal Soccer Ball

By considering the need of excessive practice for breathtaking competitions this ball has been designed with tough PU material to secure it from the after effects of intense kicks. It is stable against high pressures and can maintain its firmness. Perfection in control and consistency skills is achievable with this Molten Futsal Ball. Like many other futsal ball it is hand stitched with premium quality PU cover. Its high gloss PU cover provides the ball enough strength to tolerate vigorous touches. The lamination of 4-ply with foam backing is an additional feature for its reliability. To enhance the quality of air retention this ball contains a premium butyl bladder. It is approved from FIFA and meets the demands of various practice sessions.


Mikasa Unisex Futsal Ball

Balon de Sala of Mikasa brand is unique in its properties and of very good quality. Its 62 cm circumference is advantageous for low bounce. This ideal measurement of Mikasa ball helps the players to control it with ease. The weight and size of ball is absolutely upto the mark. The quality synthetic material and proper filling play a vital role in attaining accuracy of shape. Its leather cover is hand crafted and provides resistance to the ball against the hard surfaces of futsal court. This ball is preferable for both practice and tournament purposes. The Futsal ball of Mikasa mostly available in white color and is more suitable for senior level players. In developing futsal expertise of players the role of this ball is quite supportive.

All-Rounder Medusa Stheno Futsal Ball

This Medusa ball has been designed by UHL Sport brand and is specific for indoor game purpose. It is a size 4 ball having some exceptional benefits in futsal court. The PU shell of this ball is of top-notch quality in giving inflexibility and toughness and offers an uninterrupted play. Its high abrasion resistant leather cover strengthens your control abilities. The futsal court is comparatively smaller hence quick and short passes are mostly demanded by the players. The flawless size, weight and circumference of Medusa ball work in learning such essential techniques. When a player comes across with the situation of tight spaces its low bounce property favors you in making frequent passes. The thermobonding technology ensures the perfectly round shape of ball. For minimal rebound and air retention it contains a butyl bladder. For both adults and youngster futsal players this ball ensures to deliver outstanding performance.

Mamba Ball for Official Futsal Training

Futsal can be very joyful if played with this Mamba Futsal ball. It is manufactured according to the standards of size 4 ball and assists you in making you possession abilities highly impressive. According to FIFA recommendations the weight and circumference of this ball is 351 grams and 25 inches respectively. The outer cover of rubber woven with nylon increases the durability of ball upto maximum extent. It is created by using premium 3-ply lamination to make it withstand the frequent uses. The features of this ball are also supportive in playing the game of street soccer. The bright red color of this ball enhances its visibility in field.


How to Select the Right Futsal Ball?

It may seem quite easy to buy a futsal ball but in actual it is not. As we have already been discussed the importance of right selection so now you have better idea about this concept. You can only buy the best futsal ball if you have enough knowledge about the sizes. Also choosing the trust worthy brand is equally important. If you want to get the best make sure that you have reached to the right place. There are several brands which are now manufacturing futsal balls but not all of those balls are worth buying. To ensure that you are buying a standardized product, just check few things. You must know if the brand is reputable or not. The dealer should also be experienced in its work and possessing a wide stock. The most important thing is their customers’ reviews. The satisfied customers would surely have positive feedback for the brand otherwise you may look for another one.

Final Word

Now you know how important it is to get a good ball for futsal. The correct size and weight with accurate manufacturing is really essential. If you want to enjoy your game don’t buy something with low quality. We have discussed different sizes of futsal ball and its contradictory features with reference to soccer ball. Also some top appreciable brands of futsal ball are also mentioned in this article to help you in gaining sufficient knowledge about their standards. Go and check out them so you may be able to get a good ball for your futsal team play. Hope it will be helpful in purchasing your futsal ball.