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Learn about basic futsal positions at The futsal expert. The game of Futsal is a bit different from football and soccer. The one who have complete info of rules, tips, training and positions may better understand the differences among these sports and able to compare them.

We know that Futsal is a 5-a-side indoor soccer where we need only 5 players including the goalkeeper to make a futsal team. Whereas in soccer we have 11 players so it is easy to locate or assign different positions to the players in soccer instead in futsal. But the court of futsal is also comparatively a bit smaller than soccer, which makes it precise to locate the positions of players.

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Following positions will be discussed in this article:

  • Goalkeeper
  • Winger
  • Defender
  • Pivot


In general, there are 5 different positions to assign each of them to a particular player. The names we mentioned above are only 4 because each position demands the presence of only 1 player except the Winger. This position is assigned to 2 players.

We will talk on every position with the reference of:

  • Importance of position
  • Role of the player
  • Position demanding skills



Importance of position: You may call it the central or most important position of all. The player at this position, the goalkeeper can easily catch the whole sight of the court. He is standing at one end of the court and all other players are playing just in front of him so he is able to cover the complete overview.

Role of the player: Although the goalkeeper neither plays in the field like other players nor he is allowed to score a goal yet he is the main pillar of his team because he has more important duty to perform. His task is to prevent the opponents from scoring goal and shield or stop any kick-in aiming to score a goal. The less the opposition score, the more will be their chances to lose the game.

 Position demanding skills: Now you understand the importance of goalkeeper’s position, you must also know what skills should be the goalkeepers good at in regards to become an excellent keeper. The dive in, jump and proper use of hands are the things which the goalkeeper needs to learn. He should be able to cover the D-shape area of goalposts, know how to stop a goal when it is kicked from a long distance or a shorter one. He must be good in using his legs to full extent. Above all he should be aware of all the rules and laws of his position. Specially when it comes to possession of ball, he must be quick and agile to be on time in releasing the ball.


Importance of position: Winger is a position on either side of the futsal court awarded to 2 players. One of these 2 players is at the right side and other will be at the left side of the court. This is the position located almost in the middle of the court making a communication between the players of both halves.

Role of the player: These two players are there to help the players on the positions mentioned next to winger. They make it easier for both the defender and pivot to play their role. To pass the ball after getting it from their defender team mate to the pivot to make a successful attempt is their goal.

Position demanding skills: The players on the position of winger must be good in passing skills. They should learn about all the tips and tricks of short passes and long passes. They should also learn the dribbling drills so they could manage the possession of ball. We have already discussed the importance of ball possession in our futsal drills content. If they become successful after keeping the possession of ball to passing it to their team mate in the offensive half, it will ultimately increase the chances for pivot to kick the ball into the goalposts. Along with passing and dribbling skills, the communication should also be amazing between the winger position players. They need to run along the whole court so their energy level should be very high.


Importance of position: Defender is the player who is given the position next to the goalkeeper in his defensive area. After the goalkeeper it is the defender who has the responsibility to prevent his opponent team from scoring or at least restrict them to low score.

Role of the player: When the player from opponent team with the possession of ball is heading towards your defensive half with the aim of scoring a goal, he will first tackle with your defender. The defender works as the first line of defense and the goalkeeper as a second one. Also when the goalkeeper makes a back pass, the defender plays to push the ball out from his defensive half into the offensive half.

Position demanding skills: The passing skills of defender should be good enough that he is able to pass the ball to his team mate in their offensive half. Also he must have a good communication with both the goalkeeper and his team mates so he could decide how long to keep the possession or when to pass the ball towards his team mate. He should know how to play under pressure and take possession from his opponent.


Importance of position: Pivot is the position assigned in the offensive area close to the goalposts. This position is also known as the ‘top position’.

Role of the player: Here the player is given the task to score as much goals as possible to increase the score. This player has the major responsibility in scoring goals. When the players at the position of winger successfully pass the ball to this top man, sometimes he passes the ball back to reduce the opponent’s defense pressure.

Position demanding skills: The pivot player is the attacker of offensive team so he should be good at shooting the ball across the goal line. His focus and agility should also be excellent because he is the one who face the highest resistance from the opponent’s side.

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