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The number of players in futsal is fewer than those in football or soccer. It makes the decision crucial how to place those players in such formations on the whole that they could fill each position on the pitch. It requires a good mind to decide with what formation the team should go on the pitch and start their play. And then switch to a different formation at any level when they are in need to do this.

Just like you participate in futsal training programs and sessions, drills or look for tips before the original match, you should also know that experts have provided certain formations to apply or adopt in the field.

Basically there are 6 formations for futsal which we will discuss here to give you knowledge about them. How and when you should apply these formations and also the pros of applying them will be discussed.

You will find:

  • The Diamond Formation
  • The Pyramid Formation
  • The Wall Formation
  • The Square Formation
  • The ‘Y’ Formation
  • All or Nothing Formation

Now, let’s start the formations.


As the numbers show the sequential arrangement of players on the field which make up a diamond shape. It consists of 1 player on the defense line, 2 in the centre of pitch as mid-fielders and 1 striker in the offensive half. It is the most often adopted formation of all. You may also call it a balanced formation as the number of players for both defense and attack are equal. Here the role of mid-fielders is to make a link between their striker and defender. They can play on both sides because they are positioned as wingers. Their role is quite exhausting because they have to roam throughout the play on entire pitch so they should be very fast and energetic. But even if at some point the captain or the player himself feel that he is exhausting then he could leave the pitch for a substitute player to take his position so the game would not be affected.


In this formation we will have 2 defenders, 1 mid-fielder and only 1 striker. This is a defensive strategic type of formation. Usually the teams facing strong opposition go with this formation. Although with this formation they could not set a high score but it helps them to restrict their opponents to low score. In this formation there is only 1 mid-field player to support the attacker that’s why you should select the most wise as well as fierce player of your team for pivot position. Also your mid-fielder should be very quick and responsive to help his team mate in counter attack.

THE WALL (3-0-1)

When we positioned 3 players in a row as defenders and 1 as the only striker with no player in the mid-field, this is the wall type of formation. It is an ultra defensive strategy which should only be applied at a certain time when your opponent is much stronger than you. It should not be your strategy for the entire game otherwise you will end up with insignificant scoring. When you are utilizing this formation, your attacker should be very patient and focused because his team mates are far behind him and he is the only one responsible to score a goal.

THE SQUARE (2-0-2)

It is a neutral formation and most suitable to adopt for the teams having no experience of extreme risky situations either on defending or offending side. The strategy in this formation is having equal number of defenders and attackers while no players in the mid-field. That means whenever needed, the striker will support the defenders and the defenders will protect the strikers.

When you adopt this formation, you must keep in mind that it will easily be caught by the opponent. To avoid this con you should replace eachother within specific interval so the roles would be transferred. Be aware that this formation demands a good communication, which if loss may result in exposing an empty space. Then it will lead to serious set-back or harm your strategy.


It is best to choose this formation when you are playing against a team with not so good defense system. In this formation you have 1 defender on back side, also 1 mid-fielder but 2 attackers on the front line. Does it sound like you are going for a war? Let me tell you the basics of this formation. Actually it is the formation, futsal players usually applied when they know that the defense mechanism of their opponents is not strong. So using this formation it is easy to exert intense pressure on them. If they could not overcome the pressure they will probably lose their confidence and may start making unintentional mistakes. It will ultimately favor you in terms of scoring more and more goals. This formation is a little bit risky because you have only 1 defender and if at any instant your opponent comes back in the game they might get advantage of this site. Because both the defender and mid fielder are alone, the opponent players may easily isolate your defender and start making strikes in your defensive half.


This formation is known as the most risky or scary formation of all. It is because your all 3 out of 4 fielders leave their defensive half and come in the offensive half to score goal as much as possible. It is usually implemented when the game is in its final moments and you need to score goal at any cost. All the responsibility of defense in this formation comes only on a single player who then needs to be more active because you could not afford any silly mistake at that moment.


All the above mentioned futsal formations are for the improvisation of your skills. Your efforts and skills will not work unless you think and play smartly. Try to get yourself familiar with these formations during training and drills. It is also essential to make a selection among these formations according to the ability and fitness of your team mates. Go and get yourself prepare for it!

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