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Impressive admiration of futsal among indelible people

History of futsal

Futsal gained huge popularity all around the world in 1930, is a version of soccer in which each team plays with five members.

In 1930, Juan Carlos was the person who for the first time used basketball courts for playing futsal games, he did this successful experiment in the largest city of Uruguay (Montevideo).

Futsal is high intensity game

  • Requires extreme energy

Futsal is a high-intensity game with regular spontaneous physical activities of forty minutes. These forty minutes are highly intensified, players of both teams are required to play with agility, defense, and attack.

This game warms up your temperament and makes you breathless because it is full of spontaneous physical activities, one has to be vigilant about the ball and also about the opponent, every second in the playing field demands from player awareness of game’s situation.

Futsal a game of devotion

Everyone impressively utilizes its energy for carving out the best of the results for its team and for standing out them the louder with the heat of their body.

Running fast, clutching grills, dribbling skills and ball control makes them more enthusiastic to hit the score in a style by embroidering opponent team member with a gift of humiliation.

The people who have a thriving attitude towards life, and expeditiously they run to happen something thrilling.

They devoted their love for futsal and brought a worldwide recognition to games that from Uruguay it stared and all over the world it is adopted as a modern trend.

Futsal makes you run similarly high-intensity workouts

Futsal needs high fitness level

Fitness world demands you high-intensity workouts and makes you completely tired, to an extent where a person does not even like to talk.

This is the magic of this game that the feeling of euphoria which occurs right after the finish of a the game is a mixture of relief and pain.

Maybe, this was the reason that it got accepted globally with all true emotions.

In 1965 futsal gone global with an international competition

  • Futsal all over the world

The first international competition of futsal was held in 1965 and Paraguay won the first South American cup. After that Brazil has lined up six trophies.

Brazil not only has been dominating in South American Cup but also the team with yellow shirts has marked victories in Pan American Games of in 1980 and 1984.

In 1981 the international federation for Futebol de Sala (FIFUSA) was officially founded in Brazil.

Futsal first wordcup 1982

And, then the first world cup was played in 1982 under the supervision of the federation. Brazil again was the winner of the tournament.

Brazil also uplifted trophy in Spain, in 1985. After that, in 1988 Brazil lost the battle against Paraguay in Australia.

There is a long list of international tournaments after that and many countries followed this game like a festival in a town.

Futsal is an indoor game but brings many social and health benefits.

It makes you fast, it brings in your sportsman spirit. Make it part of the lifestyle, if not for being Pele of futsal but for your own health fitness.

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